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If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

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  1. gio5656 answered: to rewind time, but for only1 hour and only once a day
  2. beware-of-the-girls said: Telekinesis
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    Reading minds!
  4. bowhynot answered: The power of Love to finally be able to love everyone
  5. percilie answered: Flying - have been dreaming that I could fly since I was a little girl <3 I love seeing things from above
  6. the-nothipster answered: I would have the power to fly. Being able to fly will give me the ability to see the world from more than my eyes, through my eyes.
  7. primaveraof12 answered: A time machine, not for the future but for the past.Not for to change what I did but to see memories that I can’t remember, currently.
  8. sarasshow answered: the power of controlling time, to turn it back and undo my mistakes.
  9. je-suis-blanche answered: flying is all I ever wanted <3
  10. athuran answered: Teleportation
  11. babioleries answered: Teleportation !
  12. kerningandcrumpets answered: The superpower to morph into types of animals. Although I feel like if I did that I’d just be an obnoxiously large animal all the time.
  13. beingmeblue answered: Control the time, to sleep more than five minutes every morning
  14. theoutregirl answered: teleportation. anywhere I want to go, anytime.
  15. travelingcolors answered: A magic pocket full of magical stuff, just like Doraemon. There’s no need to explain why. Dooooraemon lalala
  16. mazomani answered: 4 MOTHER FUCKING ARMS
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