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Question of The Day!

If you could know exactly when and how you were going to die, would you want to?

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  1. passion-muse answered: I don’t think I could ever answer this question.
  2. naydemeekis answered: id rather not know
  3. robinrenwick answered: yes
  4. masked-habit answered: I don’t know a time where I wouldn’t want to die. I hope it would be silent though, that it would be unknown for some length of time.
  5. castielvalentine answered: Nope
  6. babioleries answered: no fucking way
  7. honeylungss answered: how, but not when
  8. lividite answered: Never. :) I’d spend my whole life waiting, and I’d forget to live.
  9. duckyjacquie answered: about a year before, i’d withdraw from my friends and family so they aren’t hurt and live in a cabin in the woods
  10. cat-her-in-e answered: Nope.
  11. openhearteyeswings answered: in my sleep, in my lover’s arms. like the notebook lol
  12. xmarkus answered: On the one hand yes, i could do the things i mostly want to do before i die, but on the other hand; No, cuz i wanna be surprised by everyday!
  13. souumboss answered: Nope, for me that would have a REALLY negative impact.
  14. retire-with-the-crown answered: Nope. I’d probably get all hysterical and spend the rest of my life trying to prevent it.
  15. tallasianchick answered: No. Ruins the element of surprise .
  16. beware-of-the-girls answered: Yes Sir. I want things planned out like that. Fav food, best outfit, around the people I love. And then….
  17. an-idle-teen answered: no way I’d be too terrified and I’d live the rest of my life being way too paranoid and I’d probably end up going crazy…
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