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Question of The Day!

What is one of your favorite movies and why?

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  1. athuran answered: Lost in Translation coz everyone wants to be found
  2. blankcheque answered: Lost in Translation. Music, cinematography, and sense of being in a foreign land.
  3. je-suis-blanche answered: black swan! <3 cause natalie portman is a great actress!
  4. beautifulbare answered: My sister’s keeper. You should watch. And cry. Love life. Just love.
  5. openhearteyeswings said: Memoirs of a geisha. Everything is beautiful. The plot, the people, the clothing, the scenery, the music. It is almost as good as the book.
  6. moonlightcoffee answered: Maybe A Single Man because of the soundtrack, Colin Firth’s acting and I liked the use of colour for symbolism a lot, beautiful film
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  8. andaparrotoneachside answered: 'Closer',cause its dialogs are so well done that any sentence in the movie can be a good quote.
  9. mandysloan answered: I love Rudy. I know it is sappy and all but I just love inspirational football movies. Oh and I also love Pre. Great flicks!
  10. aleurs answered: "Mirrormask". The storyline is very intriguing to me, the graphics are interesting to look at. c:
  11. crimesagainstcreations answered: Melancholia or Angela
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